Previous Campus Activities

Previous Campus Activities


  • Social Science to Industry

Speaker(s): Marie Mika (Lead User Researcher, GLU Mobile), Pega Davoudzadeh (People Research Scientist, Facebook), Kat Belendiuk (Scientist, Realworld Data Neuroscience, Genentech)

  • Free the PhD: Career Exploration Workshop

Speaker(s): Dr. Vania Cao (founder of Free the PhD,


  • Artificial Intelligence in drug discovery by 

Speaker(s): Dr. Izhar Wallach (CTO and Co-Founder, Atomwise), Dr. Jeff Warrington (Medicinal & Computational chemist, Atomwise), Dr. Raj Bhatnagar (Computational Biologist, Verge Genomics), Dr. Katja Hebestreit ( Computational Biologist, Verge Genomics) & Brian Bocchino (Director of Recruiting, Freenome).

  • Next-generation food industry: how it works and how to get involved by Sugarlogix, Clara Foods & Finless Foods.
  • Power Dynamics in Negotiation

Speaker(s): Amanda Dean (Assistant Ombudsperson at UC Berkeley)

  • The Column Group portfolio companies talent discovery

Speaker(s): featuring Proneurotech, Surrozen by Millie Ray (Associate, The Column Group), Shilpa Sambashivan (Director of Biology, Proneurotech), Sean Brown ( Director of Chemistry, Proneurotech) Russell Fletcher (Scientist II, Surrozen), Zhengjian Zhang,( Senior Scientist, Surrozen. 

  • Successfully Engaging Employers: Translating your CV into an Effective Resume + Profile

Speaker(s): Andrew Green (Assoc. Director of UC Berkeley Career Center)


  • Insight Data Science Seminar - Careers in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Health Data Science.
  • Salary Negotiation Workshop!

Speaker(s): Maggie Wong (HR/Recruiting Consultant), Zack Girgis (Linkedin), Brandon Gantus (Senior Assoc. at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati)

  • Exponent EcoSciences Seminar - Learn About Career Opportunities in Consulting

Speaker(s): Dr. Taylor (Senior Scientist), Doug Calhoun (Recruiter)

  • Denali Therapeutics

Speaker: Joe Lewcock (Head of Biology Discovery), Zach Sweeney (Head of Therapeutic Discovery)

  • UC Berkeley Startup Job Fair 2017

“Writing an Effective Resume for a Job in Industry”


  • Careers in Startups: Meet Hiring Startups and Learn the Ins and Outs!

Speaker(s): David H. Kirn, MD (Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman, 4D Molecular Therapeutics), Adam Sterling (Executive Director of the Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy (BCLBE) at Berkeley Law)

  • Exploring Careers in Scientific Communications

Speaker(s): Dr. Karen Ring (CIRM), Dr. Nicholas Weiler (Public Information Officer at UCSF), Dr. Jennifer Huber (LBNL)

  • Careers in Technical Consulting, with Exponent

Speaker(s): Dr. Juan F. Perri (Exponent), Dr. Mary W. Louie (Exponent)

  • Getting a Job in the New Robotics Industry

Speaker(s): Thomas Glaser (Robert Bosch GmbH’s Research and Technology Center), Dr. Gregory Crutsinger (program director at 3D Robotics), Melonee Wise (CEO of Fetch Robotics)

  • Getting Your Foot in the Door: Making the most of your contacts through LinkedIn, site visits, and informational interviews

Speaker: Andrew Green (Asst. Director of UC Berkeley Career Center)


  • The Inside Scoop: Google Life Sciences

Speaker: Joesph Lehar (Head of Computational Biology at Google Life Sciences)

  • Transitioning from Academia to a Career in Data Science

Speaker(s): Jake Klamka (Insight Data Science), Wafa Soofi (Insight Data Science), Zach Gazak (Insight Data Science)

  • How recruiters would apply for a job in industry

Speaker(s): Julie Hylton (Recruitment Manager at Novartis), Paul Korn (Founder & Chief Recruiter at SearchNet), Regina Roodhouse (Senior Recruiter at Gilead), Theresa Shek (Staffing Consultant at Genentech)

  • How a staffing agency can help you find a job

Speaker(s): Brad Sibbald (Director of Sales for Kelly Scientific and Kelly Services)

  • Careers in the Life Sciences — Finding Your Way

Speaker(s): Toby Freedman (Founder/President of Synapsis Search)

  • Writing an Effective Resume for a Job in Industry

Speaker(s): Andrew Green (Asst. Director of UC Berkeley Career Center)


  • Careers in Intellectual Property: panel discussion and Q&A

Speaker(s): Lynne Hollyer (Assoc. Director in the Industry Alliances Office), Otis Littlefield, Ph.D., J.D. (Partner in Morrison & Foerster's), Terri Sale, J.D. (Senior Licensing Officer at UC Berkeley’s Office of Technology Licensing)

  • Info session about L'Oreal California Agile Research Center

Speaker(s): Guive Balooch, Ph.D., Rafal Pielak, Ph.D.

  • The Art of Asking Questions

Speaker(s): Marianne Neuwirth, PhD (Communication Consultant and Trainer at Stanford University)

  • Career Perspectives: Working at BASF – The Chemical Company

Speaker(s): Agustin Izquierdo (General Manager of BASF Temperature Sensing Division), Pulakesh Mukherjee (Principal for BASF's Venture Capital), Christian Schildknecht, CARA (California Research Alliance) Innovation Manager

  • Building on Innovation: Employees in Early Start-ups

Speaker(s): Adriana Tajonar, Ph.D. (Entrepreneurship Program Manager at QB3), Chao Zhang, Ph.D. (VP research, Plexxikon), Jerry Jariyasunant, Ph.D., (Co-founder @ Automatic), Marcus Carr, Ph.D., (Scientist at Kiverdi)

  • Persuasion: Communications and Sales Skills for PhDs

Speaker(s): Peter Fiske, Ph.D. (Serial entrepreneur and CEO of PAX Water Technologies)

  • Building Your Brand and the Biosketch

Speaker(s): Andrew Green (Counselor at UC Berkeley Career Center)


  • Building Your Brand and the Biosketch

Speaker(s): Andrew Green (Counselor at UC Berkeley Career Center)

  • Finding the Right Career in the Life Sciences Industry

Speaker(s): Toby Freedman (Founder/President of Synapsis Search)

  • Taking Greater Control of your Professional Future through my IDP

Speaker(s): Andrew Green (Counselor at UC Berkeley Career Center)

  • Beyond Academia: the Industry Landscape for Ph.D and postdocs

Speaker(s): Yvonne Klaue PhD (Administrative Director, PPM, KGI)

  • Non-Academic Postdoctoral training programs

Speaker(s): Charles Voliva (Director of Cancer Biology at Novartis), Maria Chen (Postdoctoral researcher at Genentech), Michael Armbrust (Postdoctoral researcher at Google), Jake Klamka (Founder of Insight Data Science Fellowship Program)

  • Smooth Transitions - A Top 10 List of Things Scientists Ask About Finding an Industry Job

Speaker(s): Joanne Kamens PhD (Executive Director, Addgene)


  • Preparing your Biosketch for Site-Visits and Using LinkedIn Strategically

Speaker(s): Andrew Green (Counselor at UC Berkeley Career Center)

  • Informational Interviewing

Speaker(s): Mark Friedfeld (Asst. Director and Career Advisor)

  • What to Expect in Biotech

Speaker(s): Doug Kalish (Educator)

  • Sweaty Palms: Interviewing Skills and Etiquette

Speaker(s): Dawn Block (HR Consultant for Start-ups Block Talent Partners)

  • Introduction to the Dow Chemical Company

Speaker(s): Steve Hahn (Research Fellow, Ventures and Business Development)


  • The Savvy Site Visitor or How to Become One

Speaker(s): Andrew Green (Counselor at UC Berkeley Career Center)

  • Informational Interviewing and the Job Search

Speaker(s): Lynne Hollyer (Assistant Director of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances, University of California Berkeley)

  • Getting the Offer You Want: Strategies and Tactics for Negotiating Your Job Offer

Speaker(s): Peter Fiske (Lecturer)

  • Industrial Career Options in Life Sciences

Speaker (s): Victoria Sharma (Program Director of Biotechnology

University of California Berkeley Extension)

  • Career Opportunities in the Life Sciences Industry and Job Search Strategies

Speaker(s): Toby Freedman (Author, Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development)

  • Handling Difficult Situations and People

           Speaker(s): Doug Kalish (Educator)

  • Increasing Intellectual Property (IP) Awareness among Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Businesses

Speaker(s): Ram Shukla (Supervisory Patent Examiner United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO))