Internships or postdoctoral appointments are an excellent way to learn first-hand about working in industry and effectively connects your academic experience with the professional world. In the process you will get valuable exposure to the workplace and many opportunities for skill development. By the end of the experience you will come out with a career competitive edge, a network of professional connections and a sense for making informed decisions about your career path.

Campus Resources

  • UC Berkeley Career Center. Dr. Andrew Green at the Career Center specializes in advising PhDs. Postdocs who’ve been at Berkeley for 1 year or more can have an appointment with Andrew Green, which they need to make by emailing
  • Beyond Academia holds an annual conference and several workshops throughout the year, all focused on helping PhDs build the skills they’ll need to get a job.

Online Resources:

Doug’s Guides (general info: getting your first job, negotiating a salary, etc)

R&D partners blog (info for interview, resume, ...etc


Harvard -- Resumes and Cover Letters for PhD Students

The Importance of a “Visual Center” in your Resume

Interested In Entrepreneurship?

Check out BPEP.

Interesting Articles About Industry Careers:

Testing the Waters, Nature 480:576 2011

10 Simple Rules for Choosing Between Academia and Industry, PLOS Computational Biology 5:6 2009

Career Trends - Building your Network, AAAS Science Careers Booklets 2019


Give Postdocs a Career, not Empty Promises, Nature 471:7 2011